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FilTap Shower Filter is being developed to solve the age-old problem of shower heads getting clogged with crud that cannot easily be cleaned.

Contrary to popular belief

There is a solution to having to clean the particles out of your existing shower head or throwing it away!

Stay tuned or contact us for updates.

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Meet Our Team

Just in the development stages, we are just the two of us, with many consultants.





The Puplic Has Spoken

What Our Survey Responents Say

  • "We need that now!"
    -20% of households
  • "I'm tired of taking my shower head off, cleaning it, and putting it back on. Thanks for solving this headache!" .
    -8% of USA households
  • .

    "Thanks for saving me the expense! I can now buy a good shower head that I won't have to throw away."
    -12% of USA Households
  • "I will be gald to install this easily cleaned shower head filter of my customers, and help them with better shower heads, and a better shower experience. I anticipate many happy customers!" .
    -Most Professional contractors consulted

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